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At Mitsu Neko, they strive to give the very best food quality, using healthy, fresh, and natural ingredients. They’ve got enthusiasm for food with supporting local patrons and new visitors alike!

Here’s what people are saying:

“Really like the attention to detail at Mitsu. The multiple sushi rolls we purchased were placed in a mixed way that gave a thoughtful, beautiful demonstration. The shrimp tempura was generous in part and fried just right. Got many ‘mmmmms’ in the table.”

As good as the food was, the night was made especially bright by the proprietor who served us. She was so friendly, smart, attentive to the needs of the table, and made us feel as though she cared about the quality of our experience.”

“A wonderfully refreshing change of pace on the Branson strip. Not a meal we anticipated on our trip but soooo glad we took the leap. Wonderful service, amazing host, amazing presentation, and unbelievably refreshing and delicious. Kids weren’t thrilled when we informed them where we were going for dinner and they adored what they had. One of them was really amazed he liked sushi. The younger one tried several distinct kinds of sushi, which is significantly more than I expected.”


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More of what people are saying:

“His is right up there with all the top sushi I have had outside of Japan. . .and better than a great deal of what I had in Japan. My tuna was so refreshing, using a slightly firm but tender texture, mild and delicate taste, and with completely zero hints of fishiness. This really is as fresh as you would receive from a high ice place like Morimoto and likely fresher than much of the sushi you buy anywhere in Japan not walking distance in the Tsukiji fish market.”

“I talked with the owners a bit, and their dedication to quality is very evident. The fresh sushi-grade Bigeye Tuna is flown in every day, and they also make attempts to source other top fish. As an Alaskan, I had been surprised to discover they supply wild salmon from Kodiak as it is in season. I look forward to arriving back in June and getting a taste of home.”

“He is Russian but has an extensive background in Japanese studies and clearly knows his craft and culture. His wife, Kate, is quite customer-centric and clearly enthused about her restaurant and the patrons who visit. She actually remembered me as soon as I walked in from my previous trip a couple of weeks ago and an individual in my party had forgotten her coat–and made sure I got it so I could return to her. Wow. This is clearly a passion and a labor of love for them.”

“Now I’ve had what I enjoy and can attest to the high quality and freshness of their product, I can offer an unqualified recommendation for this location. It is not cheap, but it’s absolutely worth every penny. I’ll definitely be back and very much forward to my next trip.”


Website :

Hours :

Tues: 4:30 PM – 9 PM
Weds – Sat: 11 AM – 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM – 9 PM
Sun & Mon: closed


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