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Here’s what people are saying:

“Went into a Godfathers for the first time. We ate buffet and The chicken was quite great. They had salad and naturally Pizza too. It is fairly wonderful to have the ability to select from a variety of pizzas slice by slice.”

“Get it and eat it like nobody is watching. Thanks Godfather’s, you’re the best.”

“We had been there for lunch on the way out of town and it was really excellent. The food was fresh and hot. The fried chicken was fantastic, along with the pizza was great too. My fiancée really enjoyed the taco pizza. The staff was friendly and helpful and maintained the buffet complete with food. We will be back!”

“Very great pizza to take out. Jumbo for 4 adults. Pepperoni and celery. They put the pepperoni under the cheese and that is quite good!”


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More of what people are saying:

“Excellent pizza and THE BEST chicken!! Friendly staff and very clean location. THANKS!! We will certainly return often.”

“We had the buffet it was excellent. They kept pulling new Pizzas and it’s not only pizza, they have a nice salad bar and fried chicken which was perfectly seasoned and piping hot not to mention refreshing green beans seasoned with bacon, mashed potatoes and cream gravy they have fresh carrots and squash. Thumbs up. Great service.”

“First time and food has been fantastic. The chicken was Probably some of the finest we have had. Massive choice of meals. You can have a pizza made to order, whatever you want it to be along with the pizza around the pub which is kept fresh. Affordable prices and you certainly get your money’s worth.”


Website :


Hours :

Lunch 11AM – 3PM

Dinner 4:30PM – 8PM


Directions :

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