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If you’re looking for the best Harold Bell Wright Museum coupons, you’re in the right place! Harold Bell Wright (1875-1944) was one of the most wide read authors of the early 20th century. He Shared his love of God and passion for the great outdoors with us through his many works of magazine articles, screenplays, movies and most of all, his wonderfully written novels. Original manuscripts, gun collection, woodworking tools, and original paintings! That’s just some of what you will find inside this unique museum experience!


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“The Shepherd of the HIlls”, first published in 1907 was one of Mr. Wrights best sellers and remains theay the 4th most widely read book in publishing history. It used to be required classroom reading. During the 20th century it was the second most popular book sold in America, after the Holy Bible. This was Harold’s 2nd publication and most certainly his most famous!
“The Shepherd of the Hills” is the book that made Branson, Missouri the tourist destination that it is today. People from all over came to the Ozarks to see where this story took place.

Website : https://worldslargesttoymuseum.com/

Hours :

Monday – Saturday 9AM – 8PM
Winter 9AM – 6PM

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