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If you’re looking for the best Sanders Family Christmas coupons, you’re in the right place! Sanders Family Christmas, produced by the same writers as Smoke on the Mountain, continues the storyline from Smoke on the Mountain , only 3 years later! You will be taken to Christmas Eve in the year 1941, at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, where the Christmas festivities take place!


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The family’s only son is being shipped of to the Marines. The attack on Pearl Harbor still fresh and the war about to begin as the Depression is coming to an end. Once at the church, the Reverend and family will restore the faith in the congregation with inspirational gospel and hymns and of course traditional Christmas songs.

Having some fun and making some light of the situation, the Sanders family will share some of the funniest stories, insights and jokes that will for sure get you into the holiday mood.

Come experience a Christmas show like no other in Branson! See the Sanders Family Christmas this holiday season!

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